Submitted by: Bradley Arendse

In Bradley’s own words:

“This coming week on 6 March, my kidney will be 4 months old – a brand new friend of mine.  Two days later I will represent and ride with fellow transplant recipients when we participate in the 109 kilometres (about 70 miles) cycle tour.”

Growing up with less than average made me who I am today, humble, respectful, thankful and especially grateful for the things in life that matter, family. When diagnosed in June 2013 I was devastated as I thought this was gonna be the end of me, my amazing strong beautiful wife stood by my side every step, climbed the mountains together and conquered End-Stage Renal Failure alongside me. 

When I had to give up my job it just got worse, but we fought hard, my dialysis center is about 45 kilometers away and at times I had to hitchhike to get there and back. I, however, made it and I always say my kidney disease is one of the best things that could’ve happened to me. Look at me now, I’m super happy, super excited, my health is great and my kidney works perfectly. 

I already registered for the Cape Town Cycle Tour before the transplant while I was on dialysis and was eager to ride. After the Transplant, my local newspaper did a story about me and my journey with End-Stage Renal Failure towards the Cape Town Cycle Tour.  At this stage, I had one wish – a proper road bicycle. Three weeks ago the paper did a follow-up story and again the bicycle was mentioned.

One day after the story was published, a lady phoned me and blessed me with this beaut of a bicycle. It was a very emotional and difficult decision for her. When we met for the handover it was deeply emotional and we were both in tears. The bicycle belonged to her late husband who had tragically passed away a few months ago. He was a rider and completed the Cape Argus 11 times. I’ll be riding for the SA Transplant Team, but I will also be dedicating my first ever Cycle Tour in honor of the memory of her late husband, Robert “Rob” Morton.

I have been working really hard, and this week my fistula stopped working and the vein clotted causing major pain and discomfort.  Luckily the doctor cleared me for next week’s cycling event, but this means no training this week. 

Hard work, a positive mindset, and a determination to keep and stay healthy, have really had great results and have kept me going, and standing.  And I’ve been down many times, but I stay strong! 

Warriors do not give up! 

Live it, Love it…….Life.”

Whilst chatting to Bradley, he mentioned that although it has been a very tough journey up until now, the cycling and good people in his life have brought hope and a whole lot of sunshine! 

You’ve got this Bradley.  Stay Strong!

Edited by: Michelle Pagel

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