Answers to questions & general details

Where can I buy merchandise from?
  • Official #ImStaying merchandise can be purchased from our online store HERE
  • There is also a link on the Facebook page that takes you directly to our store
  • Please note that any merchandise not in our web-store is not endorsed by #ImStaying and may be subject to copyright and trademark infringements
I need money or food assistance as I am struggling. Why can I not post this in the group?
  • #ImStaying is a group to uplift and encourage all South Africans to share their experiences of a more positive South Africa. Our aim is not to provide individual assistance to those that need it as we are not a charity organization and do not want to infringe on this territory that so many others are involved in. As such we have partnered with where individuals can register and ask for assistance. We further suggest you contact local charity groups who may be able to help you
Why has my post not been approved? Why does it take so long to approve?
  • We are receiving over 30 000 posts per day. We work with a group of volunteer moderators who do their utmost to get through all the posts. All our moderators do have families and jobs and give of their free time to help moderate the group. It may, therefore, take some time before we get to your post.
  • You are very welcome to sign up as a volunteer to provide assistance in working through the posts. 
Why did you decline my post?
  • Have you read the rules and have you made sure your post conforms to all the rules? The rules can be found in the About section
  • Very often, although the post conforms to all the rules, it may still be declined. The most common reason for this is that it is a duplication. We try not to have too many of the same posts on the page at any one time.
Why is my post on pending while others go through?
  • Sometimes posts that were sent for approval long after yours are approved before yours is. With the number of posts and moderators, it is logistically not possible to all work from the same point in time on the posts. Our moderators need to spread themselves out over the timeline to ensure there is no overlapping as this causes Facebook to slow the whole process. Please be patient, we will get to your post
Why can I not advertise a job I have available/Why can I not ask for a job?
  • We are aware of the need for jobs in South Africa but #ImStaying is not set up as a job agency. We cannot take responsibility for members getting in touch with each other with regards to jobs and then not following through. This sets the group up for any number of legal issues
Why do comments get deleted? Why can I not speak my mind?
  • While we fully endorse freedom of speech, this specific Facebook group was set up with the purpose of promoting positivity and unity amongst all South Africans. If your comment is not in line with our rules then the comment will be removed. There are many Facebook groups where you are welcome to say whatever comes to mind but #ImStaying is all about being positive

What is considered in line with the rules when it comes to religious views?
  • We respect all religions and beliefs and as such do not accept posts or comments which elevate one religion over another. Each person’s belief system is personal to them and what is positive and inspiring to one may be the opposite of someone else. We ask that any religious references be kept to a minimum and be inclusive of all

What are the rules?
  • These can be found at the top of the page under the About section

What is this group about?
  • #ImStaying is dedicated to the South African women and men of all races, cultures, religions and creeds that choose to grow and improve South Africa. This group is to honour all those who still believe that we as a nation can turn things around. We focus on the people, beauty, and positivity in South Africa and all the good vibes. To all those who choose to work as one, to grow this beautiful country we call home! This group belongs to all willing to make a positive difference! GOOD THOUGHTS • GOOD WORDS • GOOD DEEDS

My post was rejected but I saw a similar one approved?
  • We try to avoid having too many duplicate posts on the page. If one moderator sees a duplicate they may decline any others. A different moderator may see a similar post for the first time and accept it. It is the random nature of looking after 30000 posts

When can we have a get together in …?
  • While we encourage people getting to know each other, #ImStaying cannot promote any events bringing people together in which we do not have a controlling interest. In due course #ImStaying will organize events for our members with the proper security, medical and other structures in place to ensure the safety of our members. #ImStaying may be held liable for accepting adverts for events in our name if things do go wrong and therefore cannot be involved in promoting other events.