Submitted by:  Manda Roos

Some time ago #ImStaying published a wonderful story of a little boy who started a soup kitchen in Gordon’s Bay and then funded a birthday cake for a disadvantaged child whose story he had read on Facebook.  

The soup kitchen was ongoing, but once the cake (plus enough to purchase a bike for Luanda) had been paid for, little Joshua founded a BackaBuddy site to obtain funds for Luanda’s school in the Eastern Cape.  The school has no water and no means to cook food for the children.  Each child brings a piece of wood and a bottle of water to school each day.

Not resting on his laurels, and still inspired to help others, Joshua decided to ask his grandmother to help him feed some of the old people in his town, and wonderful meals were prepared and delivered.

What prompts such kindness and humanity in a child?

Joshua did not have a great start in life and there was always a shortage of money.  His grandmother had tried to keep the family together by subsidizing with her pension money, but after a while she decided to take Joshua to live with her.  

He is happy and doing well with her.  Joshua’s grandmother is doing what so many other Gogos are having to do all over the country.  It makes one wonder what the world would do without them to hold things together when the going gets tough.

Of course, the Corona pandemic has forced him to put his and his gran’s efforts on hold for now, but we can be sure they will be helping others again one day.

It is easy to see what one good, loving person in a child’s life can do to influence him and set him on the right path in life.  In this regard, Manda Roos is to be commended.  The results of her kindness, sense of responsibility, energy, and love for Joshua are easy to see.

Manda says, “Joshua has grown into a caring and beautiful child.  His school work has improved so well that 100% is not unknown for his marks now.  He enjoys life and interacting with his many friends.”

It is easy to see what one good, loving person in a child’s life can do to influence him and set him on the right path in life. 

Grandmothers like Manda are the kind of people we need in this country and no doubt, in the months to come, we will be seeing more examples of what this grandmother and grandson team can achieve in their small way. 

But while the two of them are caring for others, Manda Roos is busy every day with another vital job.  She is nurturing and training a small boy to be strong in the face of adversity, and perhaps even more important, to take responsibility for himself when times are hard. 

An example to us all.


Edited By: Patricia Becker Stapleton

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