Submitted by: Angie Mitchell-Innes

Myself and a friend, Beth Maclarty, have recently started up a new community project in my area (Elandslaagte, KZN), where we encourage and teach other older ladies to crochet beautiful hats from recycled plastic packets.  The ‘gogos’ use the money they make from the ‘Jabong Hats’ to fund their grandchildren’s education.

The interest we have had so far has been overwhelming and very encouraging, with orders from USA, Australia, Mauritius and the UK.  

We have also been very grateful for the amazing contribution ‘Why Waste, Ladysmith?’ has given us.  During the past five months Why Waste has donated over 2500 kg of plastic packets – now that is massive!!!!!  

Random people have commented on how clean the community is looking.  This is just a small step to cleaning up our country.  We have also involved local schools, and have incentivised them to collect plastic packets for us.  Each hat uses about thirty packets, and with the great interest being shown, we are needing lots of plastic.





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Edited By: Sally Bosch