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In South Africa, the need to see what has become necessary, and just start doing it yourself, is taking root.  We simply cannot wait for the powers-that-be to do anything, because usually nothing seems to happen.  But with inspiration, and working together, we can sometimes make great things happen!

Delsha Moodley, Clive Valentine and Romario Valentine. ( Photo credit: Zane Groenewald)

In Durban, eight-year-old, Romario Valentine, is a very keen ecologist.  He has seen the neglect of our beautiful natural resources and, in his small way, has decided to do something about it.

Catching the Eco-vision and inspiring others

When Romario was just 6 years old, he was in a school play where he played the part of an Orca whale.  He did a lot of research on the species, and was soon made aware of the harm pollution was causing.  As a result, he persuaded his parents to take him to the beach on weekends so that he could pick up litter.

The beauty of it is that other young children sometimes join him in cleaning up the rubbish left behind by uncaring people.

He hopes one day to become a scientist, to better protect and conserve the environment.

Romario at the Umgeni River Bird Park

But his favourite thing has always been a visit to the Umgeni River Bird Park.  He learned a lot about the various bird species and has developed a talent for drawing them.  He was looking forward to celebrating his birthday with a party at the park on Sunday.  But that was not to be.

With the Covid-19 Lockdown taking its toll on life in South Africa, he became aware of the fact that there were fewer visitors to the park.  This of course resulted in a huge strain on the resources of the park.

A Selfless Birthday Celebration 

Not a person to allow things like that to continue, Romario decided that, instead of going to the park for his birthday, he would try to get help for the reserve.

His mother helped him set up a Backabuddy campaign to raise money to support the bird park, and they were pleasantly surprised by the response.

Hearing of the initiative, people were inspired and impressed by the youngster’s enthusiasm and soon began donating.  His campaign started on 6th July and has already generated more than R19,000.

The youth in this country are the hope of the future, and kids like Romario are showing the way. South Africa can all be proud of the efforts made by so many of the young to make the world a better, safer place for all.

Happy Birthday to a great kid!

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