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A proud father sent this story about the work his daughter, Lisa, is doing.

“It’s not a bicycle group.”

It’s not a bicycle group. The 60 Cycles stands for the 60 menstrual cycles a girl will have in 5 years.

My daughter is the founder of the group and they give out reuseable pads to vulnerable girls to help them through. I thought it such an inspiring initiative that they took, to reach out to fellow women. She is only 19 years old and the most selfless human being I have ever met. The whole group oozes out only love. It really is a reason to #stay, having our youth taking on initiatives like this, born from their hearts.

Cycles, Group of girls celebrate

We wanted to know more about this group so went and had a look at their website. Wow! It was very touching to read about what motivated them to do this work.

This group of Stellenbosch University students went on a trip to Malawi because they were moved to help the people there. They wanted to find out what the biggest need was. The extreme poverty and other challenges the people faced affected them very deeply and they realised that the needs there were so tremendous that they would not be able to help change everything at once. They zeroed in on the need that many women there have because they cannot afford sanitary towels. In their words: 

No woman should have to suffer the embarrassment or stay home from work or school simply because they cannot afford this necessity.”

They started their charity organisation, 60 Cycles, to raise funds to supply vulnerable women (mostly girls) in Malawi with reusable sanitary towels. It’s worth going to their website to learn more about them.

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