The rural Eastern Cape is an impoverished area where it would often be easier to just give up and let things go. But lately, there have been wonderful examples of people who are making good things happen there, and #ImStaying has published a few of these stories. 

One gentleman and his fellow graduates are training rural farmers. They are utilising communal land and making money from raising and selling seeds and fodder. Read the inspiring story of Sinelizwi Fakade and how he is fighting unemployment and hunger.

Another example is Nosipho Kholutsoane who is restoring old vintage cars she finds abandoned in the veld or on farms. Nosipho and her mechanic husband restore these old wrecks to pristine condition and have become global players in that competitive market. 

The garden had become a blaze of beauty

Now we have this house-proud lady who is another wonderful example of how to make the world a better place.

Mr Jakkie Erasmus had been driving past this little house, and in the past four weeks had noticed an inspiring change. With the advent of Spring, the garden had become a blaze of beauty.

One wonders how this collection of beautiful rose bushes came about.

The house is in an impoverished black neighbourhood near Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape. The area is noted for its wonderful rose gardens which, before Covid, used to be promoted by the annual Addo Rose Show.

Loving care

This little gogo (granny) can be seen watering her garden every day using an old 5-litre paint can. She keeps her home and property so clean and neat. Everything is spotless and there is not a single weed in sight. Her husband helps her every morning by raking and skoffeling (hoeing) the beds. It tells a really heart-warming story. They could see what could be done in the area with its ideal rose-growing soil, and they got busy putting in the effort to make their garden beautiful.

Where did the roses come from?

Looking at the pictures, one wonders how this collection of beautiful rose bushes came about. Maybe they were all grown from cuttings received from friends, family, and neighbours. And she has shared her roses with them in the same way. Or maybe some were gifts on birthdays and Christmas. Maybe she did something special for someone and they gave her a plant in appreciation. And what about romance? Over the years, her husband may have given her a few on her birthday, Valentine’s Day, and their wedding anniversary.

This garden tells a really heart-warming story.

However they came to live in gogo’s garden, their health and beauty are well-deserved rewards for her careful nurturing.

What a great example they are for all of us! This is worth #Staying for.

#ImStaying is indebted to Mr Jakkie Erasmus for this inspiring story and the accompanying photographs.


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