I was reflecting this morning on how lucky we are for those living in Cape Town having this #Staycation.  Indeed we can’t and shouldn’t travel but we find ourselves “trapped” in a city that is frequently voted the most beautiful in the world.

We get to experience long walks and swims outside that are entirely free to everyone.

We get to spend our Rands as Rands – not as $, € or £ and thereby contribute directly to our local economy, who need it far more than any other country.

“Put something towards helping those in dire need who now have to stay home but have no income due to this virus.”

What we save on flights, hotels and exchange rates we can put something towards helping those in dire need.  Who now have to stay home, but have no income due to this virus.

I’m currently in quarantine as a result of returning from Europe a week ago – and I am working from home.

Between Microsoft Teams,  Zoom and Skype; let alone WhatsApp Video – it is amazing what we can actually do remotely.  Our Group: M&C SAATCHI ABEL & Companies have fully implemented our thorough and well-planned strategies for such an eventuality.

I remain 100% healthy so far, thank goodness.

I am looking forward to embracing life outside of home once I am “free”.  But what an opportunity to take full and fresh advantage of the miraculous spaces this city and its surrounding villages offer us – and to help those less fortunate.

Cape Town

Just an important note regarding self-quarantine and swabbing.  The science out of China is that 41% of SYMPTOMATIC patients got false negatives initially on their tests, and many only presented positive on retests five days later.

Our health system is already under severe pressure so it makes no sense to swab (get a false negative) and feel you can go back to work before the 14 day period of isolation.

95% of patients will know within five days if they are symptomatic but even if you aren’t, the quarantine period and social distancing remains really important.  The science evolves daily and last week we were told younger people can’t get that sick – this week, not so much.

So, no judgements whatsoever from my side and only good wishes to you all.  But let us all please follow our President and Health Department’s protocols implemented on Sunday night.

“It’s for the benefit of EVERYONE: and let’s all make the most of our #Staycation in whichever city we find ourselves.”

If you look for it there will be magic, moments for growth and fulfillment – and an opportunity to help and contribute beyond what we may initially imagine. #WeAreInThisTogether #Staycation.

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Opinion By: Mike Abel