ImStaying NPC together with The Lions Den launches the #ImStaying Entrepreneur Movement aiming to lower the unemployment rate by 5% over the next 5 years.

Start-ups, entrepreneurs, business owners, those thinking of starting a business, those who want to create a second revenue stream or a side hustle, or even those who are unemployed will benefit from this move towards upliftment. 

In its first major move to focus on entrepreneurship and unemployment, #ImStaying with over 1.1 million followers on Facebook, has announced the launch of the #ImStaying Entrepreneur Movement initiative.

The colossal unemployment rate in South Africa (29.1% or 6.7 million in the 4th quarter of 2019 – source Trading Economics) emphasises the serious need to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in our country – enter the #ImStaying Entrepreneur Movement which is challenging all to commit to take the first step to becoming self-sufficient.

According to Leon Lategan, CEO of The Lions Den, and co-creator of the #ImStaying Entrepreneur Movement, entrepreneurship was not encouraged in South Africa traditionally. “A lack of infrastructure, as well as a professional online presence;  unavailability of basic business coaching; limited sales and marketing knowledge; and access to market are still huge barriers to enter into the business world, and with our massive unemployment rate, we are facing an unemployment epidemic.  Our purpose and, even more so, our responsibility is to create more entrepreneurs in this country”

The #ImStaying Entrepreneur  Movement has been set up to activate and empower entrepreneurs to build sustainable and profitable businesses, and to reduce the unemployment rate by 5% over the next 5 years.

According to #ImStaying Group Founder and CEO, Jarette Petzer, “Job creation is paramount to the stimulation and growth of our economy. At this stage we are at a 16-year unemployment high which is simply not sustainable.  It’s time we all get stuck in.  My firm belief is that micro business is the answer to building a vibrant and fruitful economy, helping more South Africans to live a dignified life.”

He goes on to say, “The partnership with The Lions Den strategically made sense for us, given the simplicity and effectiveness of the model, plugging seamlessly into one of our five main drivers ‘A Job In Every Home’.  We anticipate good things to come from this, one of our first good deeds as the ImStaying NPC.”

The #ImStaying Entrepreneur Movement provides a platform for those thinking about starting a business using entrepreneurial alternatives. On the website and via their social media platforms, members will have access to specialised business coaching and training; a business directory listing, a professional landing page (mini-website); connection with a Facebook Community where members can share ideas, ask advice and trade amongst each other as well as exposure of their existing business to the community, corporates and investors.

There will also be a “find work” section where members can see which services other members are looking for, “chapters” where members can connect and communicate with other members in close geographical proximity to them and network as well as share advice and tips amongst each other.

Lategan says, “I was never exposed to the idea of entrepreneurship and yet my career path shifted into just that.  I went to university, failed a Bachelor of Business Science/Marketing degree and today I am an International Speaker and Consultant on the subject of Marketing, without any  qualifications, crazy isn’t it?”

He adds that he was also deeply concerned at seeing South Africa’s unemployment rate rocket from 1.6 million to 6.7 million since 1995 and was moved to step up and stop waiting on government and business to take action.  By approaching #ImStaying Founder & CEO Jarette Petzer, to create the #ImStaying Entrepreneur Movement and help spur micro business on in South Africa, we hope to alleviate this burden in our country.

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About #ImStaying Entrepreneur Movement

#ImStaying Entrepreneur Movement encourages all start-ups, business owners, unemployed, side hustle entrepreneurs and those thinking about starting a business to stop talking and become self-sufficient.

Brainchild of Jarette Petzer, Founder & CEO of the #ImStaying movement, and Leon Lategan, CEO of The Lions Den, an entrepreneurial company involved in numerous initiatives around coaching, educating and creating entrepreneurs, they identified the need to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in SA, to enable all working-age individuals to shape their own futures by exploring entrepreneurship.

On the website and via their social media platforms, members will have access to valuable information about how to run a business; how to secure funding for their business; connection to like-minded individuals and exposure of their businesses to the community, corporates, and investors.

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