The ‘World in Union’ is a magnificent song that encapsulates one of the most uplifting and joyful times in our country’s democracy. 

It’s 1995. The rugby World Cup stadium is heaving. 

PJ Powers, a much-loved South African music icon, starts to sing ‘World in Union’. And the goose bumps begin. 

At the time, Powers says, her brief was to think about ‘Victory’ as she sang. And it came to pass. South Africa was victorious on the rugby field! 

Our country, in her full palette of colour, rose up and celebrated, alongside one another. 

It brought unity to a country crying out for it. 

Powers and the Tygerberg Children’s Choir have collaboratively produced a beautiful new version of ‘World in Union’. This is a well-deserved tribute to essential workers who have fearlessly continued to work throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

Recorded in isolation, under lockdown, the video poignantly shows how people’s lives have been touched by others. 

What makes the new release of this iconic song different? It now brings with it a different message. Our country, and indeed the world, are very much in need of this positive message. 

The message is now one of healing. And healing brings hope. 

Powers says ‘My approach was one of healing, everyone on the planet needs to regain this feeling of hope’.

‘There’s a highway to fear and a dust road to hope, most often with people’, Powers says, ‘a default setting’. She hopes that this song will help instill hope in people again. 

She goes on to say that ‘as a nation and as a planet, we are united, with a common goal. To get through this’. 

A breath of fresh air. That is what it is like talking with PJ Powers. Once again she forges a momentous musical path at a time the country most needs it.

Even amidst these incredibly dark days in the entertainment industry, Powers still holds on to hope and the promise of better things to come. 

So, what can we, as fellow South Africans, take from the lovely Thandeka, as she is so fondly called? 

Fall in love with South Africa again. 

In all her ambiguities, frailties and fortitude, embrace her. Support her and her people. 

Buy local, dress local, eat local and listen to local. 

Because when this global cloud lifts, our incredibly talented friends in the entertainment industry will shine again. They will spread their creative artistry throughout our beloved country… through word, art, dance, prose, and song. 

Thank you Thandeka, for this musical gift of hope. 

Watch this space as PJ Powers will have three live streaming events happening over the next 3 months – keep an eye on #ImStaying for tickets to these exciting events! 


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