“The youth are the hope of our future.”  Jose Rizal

We are celebrating the youth of South Africa during the month of June. Although we are still living in trying times, it is important that we commemorate our heroes – those who became active in their youth, and who achieved great things for the country. The fruits of their brave deeds are still being enjoyed to this day. 

We are also living in uplifting times. It is a time when young leaders amongst us are motivating and inspiring our youth.

One of these leaders is Sibusiso Molimi. Who is he? He is a business management alumnus, an author, and keynote speaker, and he confidently describes himself as a blessing, a conquered, and a Christian. 

Born and bred in Orlando, Soweto, this exhilarating motivational speaker describes his upbringing and the role it played in moulding him. At age 9, Sibusiso was given a top achiever bursary to further his elementary schooling in a Rivonia private school. All this was made possible, he says, by God’s grace, a strong work ethic and strict parenting instilled in him by his late mother, and the enthusiasm of teachers who kept pushing him.

A Catalyst Empowering Others

Describing his role as a CEO – not a Chief Executive Officer, but a Catalyst Empowering Others – Sibusiso encourages young people to grasp every new opportunity that comes their way. Learning often comes through trying things that are out of our comfort zone. We have nothing to lose in just trying something new. 

“Be an example of what others find impossible, yet what they want to be.” This, says Sibisiso, is the best way of motivating others. He certainly is this kind of an example to young people – a clear demonstration of how motivation and hard work pays off. 


Sibusiso considers himself a ‘jack of all trades’ –  achieved, he says, in his zeal to enhance himself and his future.  Actively involved in soccer, tennis,  and squash, he had the opportunity to travel internationally twice. The first trip was to America with the school choir and the 2nd in his matric year to Singapore and Malaysia with the hockey team. 

When did Sibusiso’s motivational speaking role begin?  It all began, he says, in high school when he read books that shared strategies of how people can make their dreams become a reality. He was part of a public speaking club and, when given a chance to speak, would speak about what he had read. 

A planting of seeds to be cultivated and harvested in coming years

Sibusiso first became aware of what he would do and wanted to become at the age of 18, and mentions the impact of one of his first mentors, Dr. John Tibane. Inspired by others who are investing in young people’s lives, he recognized that one important way he could give back to the youth of South Africa is through township motivation drives. These drives are aimed at empowering learners in schools through the re-telling of one’s own journey and by inspiring young people to strive for their dreams.

The future is slowly being enhanced by the deeds of those such as Mr. Molimi. They are planting seeds to be cultivated and harvested in the coming years. We salute you, Sibusiso Molimi, and thank you for investing in the next generation of South African leaders, businessmen, scientists, inventors, creators, parents, and motivators.

“Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation.”  Ronald Reagan


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