This year has been the one to remember simply because we are now being seen for the Superheroes/Budgeting Geniuses/Mamas/Gogos/Domestic Goddesses that we are.  Nobody has taken us seriously as we beeped our own horns quietly but NOW, well now we’re out there for everyone to see.

This year has been challenging for everyone – who hasn’t been affected?  But through it all, striding with long, hairy legs, roots showing, no make-up, possibly zooming and with a sourdough starter to the elbows, have been the women who have held it all together.  

At the risk of stating the obvious, before March of this year, we were probably thinking of how to juggle April’s budget and upcoming public holidays.  Certainly not of the hip and out there trendy new face mask.

I can’t even remember using my sewing machine before lockdown. Let’s just say that I am now a demon mask maker and can rattle off the best YouTube tutorials for the good, the bad and the seriously hideous face masks.  Or maybe it’s just my sewing technique …

Money.  Hmmm … we have all been affected.  Some of us have found ourselves in unimaginable situations where budgeting has been a maneuver of agility and creative thinking, but we have been there for one another holding each other’s space and supporting wherever possible.  Packets of care have been passed over walls, put through windows and given out to those in need, and food vouchers bought and codes SMSd through to those further away.

I don’t think I have ever read so many accounts of kindness that I have since everything went pear-shaped in March.  Calls for help have been answered, advice on everything from money to sex to work to health has been given freely by experts who are doing it simply because they can.  With apologies to many men who are also doing their thing, the majority of the motivators for support have been women.  Ladies, we sure are phenomenal! 

And then we went back to school….Now I know why I dropped Maths in Standard 8.  Give me figures for work or a recipe and I’m fine, but since when did they remove numbers from Maths??  I thought that was the point of it all.  Every time I sat through “My fellow South Africans” I thought yes! Schools are going back and booze is back on the menu, but nope it wasn’t to be.

Never mind if you are having to juggle work, 2 graders who think homeschooling equals Fortnite and binge-watching TV, a husband itching to earn some money and dogs begging for a walk, there was still food to be cooked, washing to done (lost the iron!) and the JEFF session to fit in.  I think most of us deserve a damn medal!

Covid-19 has given me a gift.  It has given me the time to appreciate all that I do, and time to give myself some slack. And it has brought me closer to all the women who have been the glue holding it together in the background.  I salute all women during August, the month for women.  Remember that an august person is someone of courage and dignity, with a lot of common sense. 

Feature Image via Beyoncé’s Instagram

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