There is a saying that a strong woman is one who builds others up because she knows what it is like to be torn down. We are within Women’s Month. Also, we are still in trying times. It is in times like these when we are witnessing strong women lifting others up and high. 


South Africa’s women are at the forefront of fighting this pandemic.

In health care facilities, our mothers and sisters are also at the forefront of fighting this pandemic disease. And other illnesses that the world has fallen victim to. In households, they still wake up daily, risking their own lives to toil in order to feed their families. 

Women are taking on ‘men’s work’.

In male-dominated industries, our heroines are beginning to realise their potential, and are taking up their space.  As much as we can go far together, it is easy to suggest that we can go even further if a strong woman is among us.

“What would we be without our Eves and Queens?”

They are our shoulders to cry on. What would we be without our Eves and Queens? Their daily efforts and contributions in helping to build a better society should be appreciated not only in this month of theirs but at all times. 


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We all have a story of a strong woman who once lifted us up and high. One such is that one teacher in elementary school who taught how to read, write and count. Indeed, nothing beats a woman’s love. 

“I am certain that you have a heroine in your life too.”

I am aware of a few women, who have played, and are still playing, a role in my life. For certain, you have a heroine in your life too. We all do. They are just there for us, at all times. It is mostly the woman stranger who comes in one’s time of need.

There are never enough words one can gather to describe the heroic deeds of women in society. They are a part that makes us all Whole. Without them, we wouldn’t be. 

“It is about time we appreciate these unsung heroines more.” 

This gender that touches hearts, births us, takes care of us, and showers us with wisdom. It does not matter, even if we walk in all kinds of streets. We are shown love, a smile, and a look that assures us that all will be well. It is about time we appreciate these unsung heroines more.

The story of Adam and Eve tells that the woman was brought into this world because something was missing. A helper and comforter. In this women’s month, let us all lift them up and high. Across all ages, it is the duty of men to protect women; their ‘rib’. 

“A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink.”  – Gina Carey

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