Submitted by: Margie Leibach

I am writing this as two stories in one. I want to tell you about my son Rutgar, and how hard he has worked to get where he is going.  As his mother, I have taught him that if you want something in life, you must work hard for it. That you don’t just expect it. He has been doing Powerlifting for about a year now.  He really loves this sport! He is self-taught, and he trains every week. He has learned about the sport by watching others or watching YouTube videos of the sport. He also gets tips from the others that have more experience than him.    


He has been chosen to represent South Africa.

He took part in Nationals in Potchefstroom in December and through his hard work and endurance, he brought home the gold, winning in both his age and weight categories.  Now he has been chosen to represent South Africa in Minsk, Belarus in June 2020.  

Here is the second part of the story: I have asked for help via social media because I cannot afford all the costs.  I want to tell you that #ImStaying because nowhere else will you get people that will come from nowhere and everywhere to help you.  Friends, family, and loved ones, acquaintances right down to strangers; I’m thankful and grateful to all of them.  Those who could give a donation, thank you. Those who gave me handmade items for me to either sell or use as prizes in raffles, thank you.

Those who gave of their time and work, thank you.  Those who couldn’t afford to help financially, but kept sharing our story, thank you.  There are so many people that I cannot name them in fear I will forget someone and would feel bad.  This experience shows not only me, but everyone, that we humans still care about one another, and we show it.  Through all of this, I am so proud of my son. Keep reaching and dreaming big my boy. Through God’s grace, we will overcome.

Edited By: Alison Zimmermann

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