Brace yourselves South Africa, #imstaying is rolling out #2ndRound #KZNFLOODS.


Thank you all for making this possible. We are continuing with our #2ndRound #KZNFLOODS after a little while from our response to the devastating damage caused by the #KZNFLOODS that took place around 11-13 April 2022. The flooding took place several months ago, however the damage and the challenges it brought are still prevalent and affecting the peoples daily lives, and unfortunately for some it may take a little longer. Join us as a volunteer or contribute via the banking details below to help our KZN community recover from the floods:
Name of Account: ImStayingNPC
Bank: Nedbank
Account Number: 1207938173
Branch Code: 13853700
Account Type: Cheque
Reference: #IMSProjects
Kindly email if you would like to receive a letter of acknowledgment for your donation.
For PayPal donations, please refer to our website Slowly but surely, we are getting there. Together, as one.
Best regards,