It was at the beginning of January 2020 when a member of the #ImStaying movement decided to do a good deed and post about it on the #ImStaying Facebook group, challenging others to do the same.

The PEP uniform lay-bye challenge gained momentum fast with countless Stayers eager to be a part of the challenge.
A plethora of posts were submitted to the group as the wave of kindness swept through the #ImStaying movement. Stayers walked into PEP stores asking to pay for any back-to-school lay-bye that still needed to be collected. While some watched PEP staff phone and inform the unsuspecting customers of the good news, others waited for the happy souls to collect their parcels.

While many Stayers wanted to remain anonymous, others were more than willing to pose for photos with both staff members and the lucky recipients of the paid-for lay-byes. Even staff members from the stores, who are also #ImStaying members, shared their side of the generous good deeds with us.

The delight and relief of the recipients were felt as members continued to share these unforgettable moments.

Donny Daniels shared an emotional tale of many laybys being canceled as parents cannot afford it.

Janessa Urquhart shared her tale of spreading love and even paid for an elderly lady’s blanket.

Ashika Mahabar, a store staff member. posted about two angels and the lessons she has learned from these wonderful #ImStaying movement members.

Cheryl Helberg shared her lovely photo of her good deed experience.

Marry Purcell placed a photo of the staff in her local store, where she blessed a few families.

Tracey Burnett shared the following with the #ImStaying Movement on 13 January 2020:
“WOW! I AM IMPRESSED WITH YOU – Today I went to my local PEP to pay for some school uniform lay-byes … there were none left – they were telling me that they couldn’t keep up with the demand. I then went to Ackermans but they couldn’t help me – I had to have the ID number of the person I’m buying for. Guess I’ll wait for the next challenge … well done to you all.”


Nomaza Malamlela Mei posted on 3 February 2020: “Morning Stayers. The agents of change. I felt so happy on Friday at Howick PEP stores when I overheard staff talking about putting slips for school uniform lay-byes separately for easy access when people want to pay for them. I then asked if the members of the movement do pay for school uniform laybys there. And the lady said ‘Yes’ with a big smile. Bigger things are yet to come!
The #ImStaying movement is light, and it’s bringing hope to people.”

We have received confirmation from PEP Head Office that they will be adding R500 000 to the lay-bye kitty. Random selections will take place and some loyal lay-bye PEP customers will soon be receiving very exciting news!!!!
Please allow us to celebrate YOU – the awesome Stayers who took up the gauntlet and blessed so many lives and created an example for PEP to follow – the #ImStaying Movement- Changing South Africa one great deed at a time!

Edited By: Michelle Pagel

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