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In February this year #ImStaying shared the love story of Isaiah Harry and Sinead Gagabas who met on the group two months earlier.  Although there were a few naysayers, the group largely shared their happiness with many Stayers wishing them joy and good luck in their newfound love.

On Friday, 24 April (after being in lockdown together for more than a month), Isaiah and Sinead officially became husband and wife. 

Why wait?

After spending a lot of time together cooking, baking, laughing, crying, and just bonding in general, Sinead asked herself a very important question: “Why wait?” After expressing her feelings to Isaiah, the couple decided that there was no reason to wait – they were fully committed to spending the rest of their lives together. 

Their virtual wedding was planned in less than a day. Their pastor married them courtesy of the internet and a dear friend, Lerisha, sponsored the wedding cake. They used some of the decor from their surprise engagement and made use of silicon rings that Sinead had been keeping for when they have a baby. 

Their lockdown wedding may not have been a grand affair but it was nothing short of extraordinary with both Mr. and Mrs. Harry exclaiming that it was the most memorable day of their lives. 

Despite already being married, the loving couple still plans to have a ‘big white wedding’ in December this year. They were originally planning to get married on 26 September 2020 but decided on a later date in light of the uncertainty surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Congratulations to our very own #ImStaying couple.


Written by: Justine Bishop