Submitted by: Isaiah Harry

Isaiah Samoan-Joe Harry and Sinead Gabagas’s beautiful love story started approximately 2 months ago with a selfie on a beach in Cape Town.  Ironically enough, Sinead was nowhere near the beach that day, but she was on the #ImStaying Facebook group where Isaiah posted the selfie in question.

Sinead was actually among quite a few ladies who paid Isaiah a compliment that day but, for some reason, she stood out from the rest. After commenting on the photo, Sinead sent Isaiah a friend request which he accepted. He also sent her a message which simply stated: “Your name sounds better with my surname next to it”.

His bravery paid off and before long the two were talking to each other on Whatsapp till the early hours of the morning.

Despite Sinead spending some time in hospital in Pietermaritzburg where she resides, the two did not stop calling each other. During one of their conversations, Sinead mentioned that she would like to pay Isaiah a visit in Pretoria as soon as she is discharged. Although he did not know whether the girl of his dreams would really travel all that way to meet a stranger, Isaiah booked a bus ticket anyway, hoping for the best.

Sinead knew that traveling to Pretoria would be a life-changing experience yet she took the plunge and arrived a week before Valentine’s Day.  Before long a fully-fledged romance was blossoming and a one-week visit became two weeks. Dreading her departure, Isaiah decided that he needed to do something drastic to ensure that Sinead does not simply walk out of his life. Instead of simply buying her a bunch of flowers and declare his love, he decided to propose to her on Valentine’s Day. All Isaiah’s fears quickly subsided when an overjoyed Sinead said ‘Yes’ without any hesitation.

Isaiah and Sinead will say ‘I Do’ on 26 September this year and although they still have to sort out the logistics, they know that they will one day have a beautiful love story to share with their children and grandchildren!