Face Masks
Submitted by:  An Anonymous #Stayer

This is the story of a knight in shining armour, who quietly, quietly assisted a neighbourhood family.

“My neighbour was living in a one-roomed shack with four children. The one child has a child herself too. She works for a tuckshop earning minimum wages and the father’s of the children have fled long ago, leaving the moms to fend for their families.

I spoke to the local council, in the hope we could register them for a RDP house, only to be told that there is no available budget.

I could find no peace in my heart, so I spoke to my wife and we decided we needed to do something. We are not rich, nor do we own a business. I am a mine worker, but we agreed we must do something.

Today (24 March 2020) we gave her a little two roomed home, which we built for her and her family. Not even our families know we are doing this for her.

I am sharing this because I hope it will uplift, encourage and inspire others.”

In a beautiful WhatsApp message this extremely grateful family expressed their gratitude to these angels, she thanks God and prays He blesses them (her neighbour) even more.

Be somebody’s angel today. 




Edited By: Michelle Pagel