During a time of crisis, and we can safely say that the world is currently in crisis, people who would most likely never otherwise have met and worked together, have met and worked together. 

People from different cultures, faiths and backgrounds now have a common goal. To feed the hungry

Some people started lending a helping hand as a result of lockdown, with poverty and hunger being highlighted on the media. Others have been helping the impoverished for years, the only difference for them being the sudden urgency for so much more needed now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The need is great. The need is urgent. The need to feed

Meet Imraan Haniff. He and some friends, Yarzil, Mo, Ikeraam, Riaz, Hoosein, Zakir and Mohammed, make up food parcels and cooked meals for the hungry.  They are helped by their children and wives. A solid family collaboration. As well as distributing donated vegetables, they have a soup run every Sunday. They have been doing this for about 8 years now, and each year they have increased their reach in providing food to various communities. Out of this increasing need to feed was born the Randpark Ridge Islamic Foundation in 2018. 

‘’We have been blessed really so much that we have managed to feed about one thousand four hundred people every Sunday since the beginning of winter, and have been still collecting (donated ingredients) to continue to do so for the rest of the winter season.’’

With lockdown came the opportunity to extend their reach in an important way

’For winter this year we started with two Deghs of soup, and it has grown to 5 Deghs that we do every Sunday’’This soup is sent out to Maraisburg Orphanage, Donald Macdonald Old Age Village, and a variety of impoverished communities in ChrisVille, Newlands, Coronation, Poortjie, West bury, Eldorado Park and Riverlea.

Chrisville is a community that has many elderly inhabitants. These residents receive no aid from their own children, who rarely visit them. They now have Imraan’s cooked meals to look forward to for some nutrition and sustenance, every week. 

‘’It is only by the grace of God that we can do this and we only pray that he allows us to never stop,’’ says Imraan. 

When the local call went out about a children’s home desperately needing food and toiletries, he immediately wanted to help. He and his team made 25 portions of delicious and healthy soup for the girls in the home. Along with generous donations by the local resident association and private community members, R9050 worth of food vouchers was raised for the home, with many other concerned local residents dropping off a variety of food and toiletry products. 

On another day he managed to assist a lady in Klerksdorp with food parcels. 61 years of age, she was desperate for food. That very morning Frontline City Church had donated food, which he could, in turn, pass on to her. 

Where there are needs, they are, in one way or another, met

Local businesses have also been instrumental throughout lockdown in helping ease the load of locals. 

One branch of Spar stepped up to the plate for their local community and offered a free delivery service to the elderly, single parents, or those that could not make it to the store. This service was offered to everyone within a 5km radius. They also had a trolley available for donated produce. This generous service has made such a difference in the lives of community members. 

This pandemic has shown us that our rainbow nation can make it happen.

Where color is not seen. Hunger is seen, need is seen. 

Where we are of one mind, one heart, and one helping hand. 

Hands and hearts in harmony




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