A caregiver. A guide. A nurturer. A role model. Often times a breadwinner, a single parent, and an unappreciated and undervalued worker. 

Who is this? This is a woman.

It’s time to acknowledge. Time to uplift. And time to thank. 

These four women have tackled lockdown head on, they work inside the home and out, and are touching lives and making a difference, in their very own and fruitful way. 



TJ is a frontline nurse at an Academic Hospital. She is ‘’young, vibrant and joyous. I love music and dancing and just generally being the life of the party.’’

She has seen a huge change in her ward with Covid-19, as her babies and children receive fewer visitors now. This means that her role is that much more important to the children in her care. They are demanding of her attention, and are not their usual selves, as they miss their family visiting them. 

Covid-19 has had a big impact on TJ’s nursing work.

‘’I have encountered some children diagnosed with Covid-19, but haven’t nursed them as they get transferred to another unit once their results come back positive. Covid-19 has increased the workload somewhat.’’

‘’I have seen so many people pooling together to help where help is needed, and that has been inspiring. I know that in my ward we have had so many donations coming in for the children, which has been amazing, and has gone a long way in helping us to do our job , which I love. The acts of kindness have been awesome.’’

It has also ’allowed me to slow down and really listen to my body needs and attempt to attend to them as best as I can. The good is that it has forced us to find alternative ways of doing things.’’

Thank you TJ for the resounding work you do on the hospital ward floor for our smallest citizens!



Donne works part-time for a resident association, plus has a side business where she bakes and decorates cakes. She is also a mum to two sons. 

‘’It has been difficult as a mother to do online schooling with my children, as well as work. In the beginning their schooling was most important so that we could figure it all out. It is really different to home schooling, and quite stressful, both on the parents and children.’’ 

But even amidst the heavy pressures on her, she is the first to say that Covid-19 has brought about some good too. Families are spending more time together.

‘’Respect, manners and a listening ear are important in life. Take time to decide what is best for your life going forward. Don’t just do what your parents want you to do with your life/career.’’

Thank you Donne for your hard work and dedication!



Palesa has three children. She is also principal and owner of Kiddicare ECD Centre in Johannesburg, and is studying for her BEd Degree. After a decade of successful trading, lockdown came as a major shock, when 21 days turned in to 142+. 

‘’When the President announced that all schools should close in March, I was in such a panic, worried about parents that still needed to go to work, and wondering how will they cope with kids and work. I made sure I printed worksheets and fun activities to keep kids busy while at home.’’

‘’When Level 5 was announced, everything changed. I started to feel sick, depressed, anxious about the future. I was unable to think straight. I would spend the whole day in bed. Feeling down and stressed. What kept me busy, and gave me hope, were endless WhatsApp calls with our school kids. We would sing our songs and have fun.’’

Palesa lost more than 80% of her clients, due to Covid-19. She also learnt different skills, and started running two side businesses, due to Covid-19. 

‘’The good thing about Covid-19 is that I realised that putting all your eggs in one basket is the biggest mistake one can make. I also learned how to use technology to teach our kids away from the school, which we can continue using in future if other kids are unable to attend class. They can stream live, and work with us on the same level.’’ 

This intrepid entrepreneur has some wise words for other women. 

‘’Sharing is caring. If we as women support each other emotionally,  financially, and share important information we will all prosper, and ensure a bright future and strong foundation for tomorrow’s leaders. Women are strong. If we unite we will achieve more than one aims for.’’

We need more Palesa’s in South Africa, proactive women entrepreneurs who believe in achieving great things, and uplifting others alongside.



Gladys is a supervisor at a grocery chain store. Mom of one, she has never stopped working throughout lockdown. 

‘’At first, I was fearful for my life, but I woke up every morning and told myself that I am doing this for my community, because I’m an essential worker. And when I look back now, I’m proud of the same decision I took every morning. Some departments were/are under lockdown, so the business is not the same. We haven’t been getting the same number of customers, which obviously means that the company lost, and is still losing its normal surplus (business income/profit). But thankfully my salary hasn’t been cut.’’

During a time when there have been so many business closures, and job losses, Gladys is grateful that hers remained intact. 

Her words for others at this time?

‘’We must all adhere to the Government’s rules. Don’t forget to always wear your face mask and sanitize your hands.’’ 

Always looking after others, Gladys is!

Here are four shining examples of women who go above and beyond. Who moves their own mountain, each and every day. 

So when you are next being served by a woman wearing a mask at your local supermarket, being tended to by a weary and dedicated nurse, chatting to a homeschooling mum who is juggling various household responsibilities, or a teacher who is passionate about your child and ensuring she is doing her very best to give your child, your flesh and blood, the very best start in life… 

Acknowledge them. Uplift them. And thank them. 

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