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South Africa is living through unprecedented times with COVID-19 causing severe desolation. While most of the world’s focus is placed on the illness caused by the virus, it is impossible to ignore the anxiety, uncertainty, and disruption that have materialized. People are suffering and, as always, it is those living in poverty that are suffering the most.

At present, the Western Cape is the province with the second-highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country.  The bulk of the patients are concentrated in the city of Cape Town.  Although relief efforts are being implemented by the government, it is the unwavering dedication of local businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals that is making the biggest difference at community level.

A Bakery Serving the Community

One such business entity that has come to the aid of the community is the Pie in the Sky Bakery. The bakery is the wholesale production offshoot of the famous Coimbra Bakery in Claremont, Cape Town. Under normal circumstances, the bakery supplies the discerning Cape Metro market 365 days a year with a range of freshly-baked bakery and confectionary items. The bakery has been in business since the 1960s. However, it has been hit hard by the far-reaching effects of COVID-19.  The bakery’s core clients (airlines, corporate canteens and caterers, food distributors, hospitality and hotel groups, schools, and restaurants) have all been affected in mammoth ways and this has resulted in a colossal decrease in sales.

Given the extremely tough times we are facing, the bakery’s main objective, both during and immediately after lockdown, is to focus on sustainable business practices while also supporting their employees as best possible – especially the most vulnerable. Through supporting organisations that fight the scourge of food insecurity and hunger, the Pie in the Sky team is not only able to achieve their main objective of supporting their employees, but also the most vulnerable members of society.

In a bid to assist various feeding schemes operating in and around the Mother City, the bakery would like to offer heavily-discounted bread rolls to various organisations. This includes any NPOs, community groups, and similar initiatives that are working to ease the plight of the city’s most vulnerable inhabitants. Over the past two weeks, with the help of generous NPO funding, the bakery has already supplied in excess of 18,000 rolls.

Through initiatives such as this, the bakery is able to keep food on the table for their employees, keep them safe, and feed the destitute and homeless during these tough times!

A collaborative effort

While they are doing everything in their power to do this, they cannot do it alone.  With the assistance of donors, the team is aiming to produce 1.2 million rolls a month which equates to nearly 40,000 every day. By achieving this they will not only be able to keep their entire staff complement employed, but also help to provide food to thousands of vulnerable individuals. 

For more information please contact Sergio Luiz at Sergio@pie-in-the-sky.co.za or visit the bakery’s website HERE

To donate to the Knead and Rise campaign, please click HERE


Edited By:  Justine Bishop