Interviewed By:  Jarette Petzer on ImStayingMedia

How are we dealing with stress, anxiety and general well-being, especially during this extraordinary time of being locked down, isolated, and facing immense pressures on many fronts? 

Jarette Petzer recently sat down with well-respected author, speaker, coach and strategist, Mickey Roothman. Her focus is specifically on transformational breakthrough and they discussed suggestions and action plans which we can put into place.

“Self-care is very important with everything we are dealing with right now.”

“Human nature…is to prepare… Reality is now setting in…being trapped in your house all the time… Self-care is very important with everything we are dealing with right now.”

She focussed on how to remain sane: “How not to lose your mind right now!”

What are some of the aspects we can focus on?

The biology.  How does your mind work?  Why do we get stressed and anxious and our human reaction–the fight or flight mode.  Mickey discussed why this is causing us more harm than good in our modern-day age.

“The perceived threat we have in our minds means you become, one, drama queen or, two, an ego maniac.”

There is a valid biological reason for this.  She explains how we literally lose our minds as all our blood leaves our brains to feed the much-anticipated need in our muscles.

“You literally lose your mind!”  With over 80 000 thoughts per day, this is instinct and not something we can control. 

However, “You can control how you feel!”

…the fun part, the practical exercises…

They then moved onto the fun part, the practical exercises, to help us control “how we feel”. 

Mickey suggests these following daily practices.  They will assist us with learning how to live more focussed, less stressed, and more successful lives.

  1. Meditation – great tips to become a daily meditation practitioner.  The how to, why, and when to do it.
  2. Visualisation – This is basically daydreaming.  Have fun as you visualise your day and guide it with intention – setting at the start of it.
  3. Journaling “Nooooo, do not use a computer, there is a scientific reason to write.”  She laments.  Writing is very therapeutic to do and engages multiple senses.
  4. Daily Gratitude “Our vibrational energy raises, when we are in gratitude mode.”  This helps us get into the present and it is a fun thing to do.
  5. Move past fear by not focussing on something from the past or worrying about the future.  Neither of these will intentionally help us live in the now.  Lose it.

To wrap up, Mickey leaves us with an important tip on the journey of making these daily habits.  Watch the interview to find out what that tip is.


 “Each time we overcome ourselves a little bit more, we take a giant leap towards creating a better world for everyone, including ourselves.”



Edited By:  Michelle Pagel