After South Africa was brought to its knees first by loadshedding and now the coronavirus, two guys with a killer sense of humor decided to design an app that will keep South Africans informed in a way that is free of the usual stiff-upper-lip and illegible jargon often associated with apps dealing with matters of mass importance. After throwing ideas around for a while and working on the project part-time, Frikkie was finally ready to face his public in mid-February.

Who is Frikkie?

Frikkie is nothing short of fabulous and offers users a heap of very useful information with a very healthy dose of proudly- South African humor thrown into the mix!

Frikkie’s persona is from Lydenburg.  He supports the Lions and has the biggest caravan in Balito, where he camps for 45 days every year over December.  Frikkie’s caravan has mags that match those on his FJ Cruiser. At present, Frikkie is happily married to Tannie Poppie.

At present, the development team consists of Cornel van Lingen and lead developer Jaco Steyn. Cornel is also the guy who constantly annoys Jaco. The guys also have a team of API developers that are helping them remain on track.

Up-to-date COVID-19 info served with eish

Frikkie offers up-to-date info pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, including global and local stats.  A map displaying the provinces of the country as well as the number of confirmed cases in each is followed by a menu consisting of very useful options.

COVID-19 menu options

Apart from a very valuable list of emergency treatment centers in South Africa and coronavirus symptoms, precautions, and advice, Frikkie also offers important information aimed at children. This includes a list of things to do while stuck at home and video on how to wash your hands properly.

What else does Frikkie have to offer?

Apart from COVID-19 and Loadshedding updates, Frikkie can also give you up-to-date info about the current change rates and even features a nifty little game called ‘Dop & Chop’

Where can I get Frikkie from?

For now, you can get Frikkie by simply clicking HERE or scanning this QR Code.

Scan me, NOW!

Compiled by: Justine Bishop

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