South Africa is bursting with diversity! Our food and cooking styles are just one aspect that bring colour and vibrancy to the country.  We have a delicious variety of cooking styles, regional dishes and spices. We even have different cooking methods, depending on your economic standing and where you live – open fires, stoves and even braais. 

“Food remains such an important comfort for most of us.” 

No matter how difficult things are during Covid-19 and the lockdown, food remains such an important comfort for most of us. But food costs have increased significantly these days. So #ImStaying decided to reach out to one of the best chefs in the industry for some help. We asked her to suggest a few recipes that are easy and not expensive to put together. 

“Feast your eyes and try these budget beaters in the comfort of your own kitchen.” 

The chef is no stranger. Her story is inspiring and heart-warming. We published it on this site a few months ago and you can read it by clicking on the link at the end of this article. She is part of our #ImStaying family and has her own television cooking show. This culinary wizard has authored a recipe book called ‘My Little Black Recipe Book’ and has another scheduled for release next year. She is none other than brand ambassador and TV show host, Miss Siphokazi Mdlankomo.

Siphokazi sent a few of her easy-to-make recipes to share with her fellow #Stayers. Sadly, we can’t put them all up here as there is not enough space. Feast your eyes and try these budget beaters in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

This is a good breakfast that fills you up.


45 ml oil

4 eggs whisked

1 tbsp chopped parsley 

salt & pepper 

homemade tomato sauce 

few basil leaves 

half avocado mashed ( salt & pepper, squeeze of lemon juice)

chicken or tuna 

Grated cheese 



Heat oil in a pan 

Mix together eggs and parsley and season with salt & pepper 

Pour the egg mixture in the hot pan and make sure it spreads all over the pan 

Cook the egg for 3 minutes on each side

Place the egg on a clean board, spread it with tomato sauce, basil leaves, avocado mash, tuna or chicken then grated cheese 

Roll the egg into a log making sure the filling is locked inside 

Cut into two or thick slices and serve 


Delicious Breakfast Egg Dish



30 ml oil

4 chicken pieces 

Salt and pepper 

I onion chopped 

2 garlic cloves crushed 

Sprigs fresh thyme 

I small packet button mushrooms (or any mushrooms)

1 cup chicken stock 

1 cup cream 



Heat oil in a pot on medium heat 

Season chicken with salt and pepper 

Fry chicken very slowly for 15 minutes 

Set aside, add onions and sauté until soft, then add mushrooms and garlic and thyme 

Return chicken and add stock 

Cook for 20 minutes or until chicken is cooked 

Add cream and heat through for 5 minutes 

Serve with pap and garnish with herbs 


Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms Served With Pap


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