Written By: Sally Quinlan

Do you have a treatment plan ready, for yourself and your family, in case you contract COVID-19?  I do.

From the sounds of it, it’s a horrible disease to get – depending, of course, on which symptoms you get, and how severely you get them.  Two close members of my family contracted COVID-19 and had severe symptoms.  We were deeply concerned.  Thankfully they both survived, without hospital intervention.  I had my Action Plan prepared before they contracted the disease, but have modified it slightly, thanks to insights gained from them.

My Plan answers the following questions:

  •         Where will I quarantine myself?
  •         Who will take care of me and shop for me?
  •         How will I be able to contact my doctor in case of an emergency?
  •         Will I keep it a secret or will I keep my extended family and/or friends informed?
  •         What medications am I likely to take, and for which symptoms?  Do I have stocks of all of these?
  •         What treatments, other than store-bought medications, will I be able to use, and for which symptoms?
  •         What will I do in the meantime, to stay fit and healthy in body and in mind (to the best of my ability)?

Included in my plan are things which I consider to be important, such as a daily dose of sunshine; classical music to play softly in the background, and prayers and words of gratitude three times a day.  I consider these to be ‘treatments’.

I had two reasons for preparing such a plan:

  1. It’s in my nature to be methodical and proactive.
  2. If I get severe symptoms, for instance a high fever, I am likely to forget about one or more very helpful medications or other treatments when I need them the most.

I based my choice of medications and treatments on previous personal experiences, which include previous doctors’ visits for similar diseases and, as I have said, my family members’ experiences and recommendations.

The plan might alter further.  I might never need it – I hope that is the case.  But I feel more comfortable in the knowledge that I have given it some thought.  Besides, since symptoms are flu-like, I could very well be using the Plan for a bout of flu or even a cold sometime in the future.

I am fortunate in that I always remain positive and hopeful, no matter what the circumstances.  You may not be so fortunate.  If this is the case, consider how you might achieve this aim.

Disclaimer: Each person will have their own questions to answer, their own preferred medications and other treatments.  Please seek professional medical advice where necessary.  I am not a medical practitioner and am therefore unable to prescribe treatments of any kind.

 Stay healthy, stay safe and stay positive.



Written By:  Sally Quinlan