Submitted by: Ammie Bury

The lockdown and the closure of schools have brought many hardships and challenges with them.  There is pressure on students to complete the necessary work and prepare for assessments, often without the usual direct contact and help from teachers.

Study notes for all students from all schools from Grades 8 to 12.

A very constructive low-data programme has been developed by two Bishops Diocesan College boys to support online learning for all students from Grade 8 to Grade 12.  Luke Rissik and Rohan Naidoo have initiated NotesShare! which helps students deal more easily with the current situation.  It is an online platform that allows eager learners from any school to upload their revision notes.  These notes are then published on the website for other students to access for free.

“We realized that even at the top schools in the country, where students have access to a plethora of the best learning resources, most students tend to revise using their peers’ notes.”

This is a story of hope in difficult times.  Young people from all schools are encouraged to donate their study notes which are then made available to others online through collaboration with iSchool Africa. These study notes are often more helpful than the textbooks, and all the people involved in this are to be commended.

This generous attempt to further the future of other young people in need of help will warm the hearts of the whole country.

As the NotesShare Team says, “The end goal here is to create a community of schools and students contributing their resources, not only helping those who have been worst affected by this crisis, but every student from every background.”

The website is easily accessible and very easy to use at  Any student from any school with good notes can upload them, and anyone who logs on and registers, can use the notes.  Many students from other schools have bought into the programme to donate as well as download study notes.

#ImStaying congratulates you both, Luke and Rohan, for giving us another example of the wonderful things that can be achieved if we all work together.

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