We have all heard the warnings about high-risk individuals and the increased dangers associated with contracting Covid-19.  Alida Portland, a midwife in George, recently shared her story of how she contracted and conquered this virus, despite being one of a very vulnerable group.  She is a diabetic, suffers from hypertension, suffered a stroke a year ago and is over fifty.  Her take on the disease is very informative.  

Her first symptoms were a sore throat, pressure on the chest and a cough.  Being a nurse, she knew at once what to do.  She arranged to be tested immediately, and went into isolation.  Two days later the diagnosis was positive. 

It is understandable that her first reaction to this was fear.

Alida lives with her son of 23.  As one of her contacts, he isolated as well, but he was able to take good care of her.

“He made sure I had a bucket of clean water, a bucket of water and bleach to clean my hands, and a separate bucket for my eating utensils.” 

Isolation can be distressingly lonely.

Alida stayed in constant contact with her family and friends on WhatsApp.  During this time she lost two members of her family due to the virus, and mourning alone was hard.  But fortunately there was an online counselling support network she could tap into.

Practical advice from Alida includes eating healthily, drinking enough fluids, getting lots of sunlight and a positive attitude.

She urges people to protect the vulnerable by wearing a mask and observing social distancing whenever they leave home.  

“Change your behaviour – it’s serious.”

It may sound harsh, but failing to care for the health of others could be described as criminally selfish in a pandemic. 

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