The townships of South Africa are developing rapidly.   We see more businesses being introduced in local communities and more infrastructure brought in as informal settlements are being formalised.  All these changes are happening at an increasing pace. 

Empowering youth, particularly young girls … because of the societal gap between girls and boys

Some youth, however, realise that not all the development is adequate, especially that which affects the young people in their upbringing.  And they have taken steps to meet the unmet needs of township youngsters. 

Vusi Luthuli, of the Corner VW Foundation, says the motive behind their establishment is to empower youth, particularly young girls, as he was aware of the societal gap between girls and boys.

Vusi Luthuli of the Corner VW Foundation

Circulating around the South Western Townships, the Corner VW Foundation aims to keep girls in school by proving sanitary towels.  This initiative helps decrease the absentee rate during the girl’s periods.

Another foundation, the Dineo Foundation, whose mission is to engender confidence and transformation in township youth, is doing wonders in the Hammanskraal township near Pretoria.

The Dineo Foundation was established in 2012 by Dineo Baloyi, an enthusiastic youth who grew up in the Hammanskraal area. 

Dineo was very much aware of her upbringing, and was inspired to help youth successfully face some of the same challenges she faced.  Now a qualified IT Technician, she aims to provide various upliftment programmes to youth.  Programmes include job readiness workshops, career planning, and actioning coaching.

Dineo Baloyi of the Dineo Foundation

Both the foundations’ motives are to empower township youth and provide the inevitable knowledge they need in making wise choices for their future.

It is undoubtedly safe to say that these township foundations are playing a vital role in distancing the youth from substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and dropping out of school.

Inspired by the deeds of foundations such as these, some students have started helping other prospective students to apply in tertiary institutions and help provide other necessary support. 

Their new foundation, the StARR foundation, is not yet known but their wonderful deeds are already speaking for them in their communities. 

Indeed, the youth should start taking up space .



Compiled and Authored By:  Mbekezeli Setsura

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