Submitted by: Jason Jaftha

High Risk of Being a Healthcare Hero

We are still living in precarious times. The fight to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus continues. Many of our heroes who are at the forefront in fighting this virus are also facing high risks of getting infected. 

Our healthcare workers, like other essential service providers, are a basic need that we cannot live without, particularly now. Even in these unsafe times, it is safe to ask what might become of us should they all, as they’re the most prone to, succumb to this microscopic pandemic agent. 

Let us applaud them and lift them high while they are still on duty, so they may be assured that we are aware of their heroic deeds and that we support them. 

Not forgetting the healthcare workers who have been infected, the ‘Help Our Healthcare Heroes’ NPO aims at assuring them that they are still much appreciated, while they are in recovery phase and self isolating.  

Healthcare facilities and EMS bases are also being acknowledged and shown love and appreciation for their services. 

Showing love and appreciation to their fellow essential service providers 

This great initiative was started by a registered nurse, a phlebotomy student and Jason Jaftha, who is a parademic. These healthcare workers want to show love and appreciation to fellow essential service providers. 

Their foundation will provide healthcare workers with care-packages. The idea is a quick ‘on the go coffee’ and donut stop, which will be stationed on different days at the various healthcare facilities and EMS bases. 

Jason says that a new initiative will kick off at the Pinelands Western EMS base. The staff will be given freshly brewed coffee and a delicious donut. 

“This is to show healthcare workers that they are appreciated and to give them the much needed encouragement to continue the amazing work that they are doing.” Jason added. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this initiative spread across the nation?

This pandemic shall not last, and we are going to get through this is difficult time. Let us all continue to soldier on, staying safe at all times by practicing the COVID-19 regulations as advised by our healthcare officials.

This too shall pass. 

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