Submitted by:  Carisa Venter

Spending time in hospital, especially when major surgery is required, can be a very frightening experience. When hospital staff goes above-and-beyond their duty, however, a lot of the fear and anxiety dissipate.  This not only contributes to the emotional well-being of the patient but their subsequent healing as well.  When Carisa Venter was recently admitted to hospital, she had the privilege of being assisted by a gentleman with an absolute heart of gold.

Carisa had the following to say: 

Please meet Mfundo, the world’s best caregiver possible. 

We met 2 weeks ago when I was suddenly diagnosed with a very big spinal cord tumor causing me to go paralyzed.  Mfundo was with me the night that I was diagnosed and he did not leave me for one single minute, talking to me, praying for me, keeping me calm while still doing all his nursing chores expected from him. 

I went for a 10-hour surgery to remove the tumor and since then he has been checking up on me every single day.  Last night I had the privilege to have him as my caregiver for the night again and man, he is simply amazing.

#ImStaying because of people like you #ThankYouMfundo

Although the media is often riddled with complaints about our healthcare system, it is impossible to ignore the incredible service rendered by a large percentage of the nation’s medical professionals.  Mfundo’s job description may not prescribe that he offers emotional assistance to patients, but his caring nature would have it no other way. It sometimes takes only one person to trigger a change in the perception of an entire country!