Submitted By: Madimetja Makweya

At just 24 years old Matshidiso Bella Ramasela Makoea has achieved one of her life goals and passions: self-publishing her own book. 

“The Swan, Her Body was His Crime Scene!”  is a story of Lesedi, a man who abuses his wife and addresses the tragedy of gender-based violence which has been under a great deal of discussion in our country recently.  

Having always written happy, feel-good stories, Bella knew she needed to find her voice, to twist the reader’s emotions, and to step out of her comfort zone if she were to be a success.  She certainly seems to have done this with “The Swan”. The book has sold out, even as far as Botswana, and she is currently running a second print.  

With the support of family and friends, Bella has dug deep within herself, taking risks to address this issue, and has followed her dreams of having her words make a meaningful impact on her readers.

Thank you Madimetja Makweya, Bella’s brother, and a loyal member of the #ImStaying movement, who made us aware of the success of his sister’s book.   He is very proud of her and supports her drive to be the next great author from South Africa.

Edited By: Michelle Pagel

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