Watershed, one of South Africa’s most beloved bands, is celebrating 20 years of musical genius in 2020, with their first album having been released in April 2000. Long-held favourites include ‘Indigo Girl’ and ‘Letters’. 

They are still going strong, and are as relevant and impactful as ever. Not only in their music, but in other meaningful ways too. 

During the lockdown, they have written and released a moving song called ‘Countdown’, in appreciation of our frontline workers, where all song download proceeds are given to a local charity. 

They have also recorded an exciting new music album, due to be released soon!

Celebrating 20 years of musical genius in 2020


Craig Hinds talks about his inspiration to write and dedicate ‘Countdown’ to all our frontline workers:

“This song is a humble thank you to all the people that have worked during this unprecedented and uncertain time in history. A global pandemic that brought the world to its knees for a period of time with still no end in sight.
Our lives have changed and the way we look at the world and our communities in the world has changed.
The most powerful have been felled, livelihoods altered and businesses shut down. So too our definition of heroes and leaders. When we were staying at home and staying safe there were people working, saving lives, delivering essential services hour on hour, month after month, counting down the days to that ever-retreating end line! 

Medical staff who have nursed people back to full health and have witnessed lonely deaths, shopkeepers, and truck drivers venturing out into the uncharted, working while we worried, always with a smile and a kind word. Leaders who have taken centre stage working all hours to try and figure out solutions with no precedent and no guarantee of an outcome. Fighting prejudice, fighting false news, fighting the fluctuating moods of nations.

We don’t need to be afraid, they have our safety in their hands. These are the people we need to thank. These are our frontline workers! Thank you! This song is for you!”

Poignant and powerful words from Craig Hinds.

Ladles of Love is to feed 1 million people per month during the pandemic.

Their frontline worker tribute song, ‘Countdown’, is available for download via the WeJamz app. All ‘Countdown’ download proceeds go toward Ladles of Love

The mission of Ladles of Love is to feed 1 million people per month during the Covid-19 pandemic and to change the pandemic story into one of compassion, hope and love. 

Hunger is a reality for millions of our people every single day.

World Food Day, 16 October, sees the launch of its sustainability project, the Ladles of Love Community Kitchen and Garden Sustainability Project. Their aim is to grow, nourish, sustain – together.

All ‘Countdown’ download proceeds go toward Ladles of Love.

Ladles of Love are committed to awarding grants in equipment and training to food growers, producers and caterers. This Cape Town charity has awarded grants for equipment and training to over 20 community caterers thus far. To date, over 7,800.000 meals have been served! 

“Please help us to help those in need provide meals for their family with dignity. Together we can beat this. We do what we do because we are passionate about people – both the communities that we serve and the people that volunteer and work with us.”

A beautiful partnership between an iconic South African acoustic rock band and an out-of-the-box thinking charity has taken place. May it go from strength to strength.

A beautiful partnership between an iconic South African acoustic rock band and an out-of-the-box thinking charity has taken place.

An African heartbeat and voice

Craig Hinds has a real heart for South Africa, its youth and the community. Chatting to him is a breath of fresh air amidst the current Covid-19 cloud. 

He is living testimony that one’s approach, thinking and attitude towards difficult times, make all the difference in the world. How it is so important to continue looking onward and remaining positive. 

To have a voice. And to use it.

Youth motivation

“Music is a passion and a fun thing but must be treated as a business. The ‘instant fame’ thing is possible but highly improbable. You need to decide that you want to be successful at it, you work at your craft, you work at your songwriting. That’s when you create a career, and won’t be a fly-by-night. Try and establish a brand, and try to gain supporters who will follow your band and music. They will come to appreciate it, and consume it with the same passion that you make it.” 

Wise words for aspiring young musicians, keen to make a living from music. 

In appreciation of our frontline workers – all song download proceeds are given to Ladles of Love.

We await Watershed’s new album with much anticipation, and can only imagine the musical richness it will bring to our lives. If you happen to be in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg or Belgium in early 2021, make a plan to enjoy one of their concerts! 

Thank you, Craig Hinds, Quintin Askes, Gideon Botes and Howie Combrink for making a musical difference in our beautiful, rainbow-washed country.

Join us in supporting the efforts of Watershed and Ladles of Love by visiting their websites. ‘Countdown’ can be downloaded by going to WeJamz. 

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