Interviewed By:  Jarette Petzer on ImStayingMedia

The dynamic PJ Powers’ heart and soul are laid bare during her interview with Jarette Petzer.  She has only good things to say about the #ImStaying movement, and also gives a great deal of sage advice for South Africans.  This amazing woman exudes compassion and empathy for our country and its people.

Her sense of humour and down-to-earth manner make this interview an absolute delight to watch.  As PJ says, “It’s as if we’re in each other’s living rooms”.   That’s exactly where she is, relaxed in her living room, as she laughingly says – while ensuring that her dogs are quiet during the interview.  “Who let the dogs out?”

Fear as the only thing that should be homeless right now

PJ’s compassion comes to the fore as she calls for a different way of communicating with each other.

She speaks of fear as the only thing that should be homeless right now:

“This is an exercise we can all do – to not allow fear to take hold of us.”
“Let’s deal with today, today.”
“We’re doing incredibly well.”
“We are the most resilient nation on the planet.”

PJ speaks about the media starting to see the value in ‘good news’ stories.

She speaks about empathy:

“This is a time to walk in other people’s shoes.”

She speaks about the future:

“We will emerge.”

Her parting words are:

#imstaying, and
“Hamba kahle – go carefully.”

Thank you, PJ.  Wena futhi.



Edited By:  Sally Quinlan