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Interviewed By:  Jarette Petzer on ImStayingMedia

Herman Mashaba is the epitome of the South African success story.  From a child in a rural community to an economically very successful man.  Author.  Mayor of Johannesburg.  Respected by all.

He was inspired by his grandfather to be independent, to help and trust people, but not to be naive.  An avid reader, he prefers books about successful men.  A firm supporter of a capitalistic system, he feels that only capitalists can ever really help others.

“We cannot reshape the past, but we can plan for the future.”

Herman regards himself as very lucky not to have become a victim of the circumstances.  They were the downfall of so many in the poorer communities.  He stresses the importance of a stable home and a wonderful wife.  Once he had become successful, he wanted to invest something back into the country.  He asked his family’s permission before embarking on life in the public domain.

“We need to build strong families, because strong families build strong communities, and strong communities build strong countries.”

He decided, after his university was closed, to become a freedom fighter.  These plans never materialised.  So, he had to start working.  After several jobs, he found success in selling hair products to black people.  That market was exploding.  He grasped the opportunity and started a business with another salesman and a production manager.

Herman has created a platform for dialogue.  He is committed to furthering Mandela’s dream of a socially just country where all will feel equal, and where the rule of law pertains.

His dream is to make this country great again.

With a South African flag flying proudly on every single gate.



Edited By:  Patricia Stapleton