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22 April 2020

South Africans have overwhelmingly rallied to the call for action from #ImStaying founder, Jarette Petzer.

In less than 24 hours of launching the I #VouchForYou campaign through our partner, BackaBuddy, donations soared to just under R300 000.

Link arms with us.  Help us to help those who are most vulnerable.  Those facing enormous food insecurity in the current crisis.

#ImStaying calls upon our nation’s major retails to join us in supporting the 18 000+ #Stayers that have submitted their request for help.

We appeal to Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Macro,  Game, Spar, and Woolworths.

We appeal to the private sector to continue giving.

We appeal to South Africans across the globe to stand with us, shoulder to shoulder.

21 April 2020

On 13 April 2020 a headline of one of South Africa’s most prominent newspapers read: “Hunger will kill us, not corona”.  These desperate words were spoken by an unemployed mother who fears that her family will not survive an extended lockdown.

The response has far exceeded any preconceived expectations.

A post on the #ImStaying Facebook group on Friday, 17 April, called for group members who were battling with food shortages to step forward.  By providing the size of their household and the province they are residing in, their details were captured for further action by this new initiative. The response has far exceeded any preconceived expectations.  More than 18,000 vulnerable members were identified!

The group has often had many heart-rending appeals from its members. These have only increased during this period of lockdown.  Now, even more people than usual are unable to work and support themselves and their families.

However, as a group, our problem was that we felt hamstrung by how we could help effectively.

Now we have come up with a solution.

With your help, we can go a long way to alleviating the hunger within the #ImStaying community.  We consider them family and we value them greatly.

If you have been wondering how you can help, there is now a simple way to do that.

Earlier today, #ImStaying founder Jarette Petzer launched the I #VouchForYou campaign through our partner, BackaBuddy.

All funds collected will be converted into shopping vouchers and be distributed among our members in need via SMS. These vouchers will allow them to get food for themselves and their families. They can do this at any Shoprite or Checkers shop across the country.

We will shortly release a form to complete where members in need can enter their details to apply.

It’s a safe and manageable way to help our fellow #Stayers, and the necessary precautions will be in place to verify validity of need, which in turn will reduce the possibility of abuse.

 PLEASE DIG DEEP and let’s get food vouchers into the hands of our community.

 The willingness to help one another and the generosity of South Africans are legend.

Many, many visitors to our country have attested to this.

Let’s prove them right once again.

Please consider donating to the I #VouchForYou campaign by simply clicking on the BackaBuddy Logo.