South African clothing retailer, PEP, has made it easier for customers to spread goodwill with the launch of their Lay-by Buddy initiative. 

Imagine the joy in learning that your lay-by order has been paid by a total stranger, or perhaps that you have played your part in helping a family in need by paying off their lay-by? The new Lay-by Buddy initiative allows you to take part in making a difference. 

Chief Executive Marketing at PEP, Beyers van der Merwe, explains that it was in fact, a customer who sparked the idea of the lay-by buddy initiative. 

“It all started last year when a customer started to challenge others to pay off a lay-by on #ImStaying. These random acts of kindness grew and ultimately culminated in one amazing citizen paying off all the lay-bys in a PEP store in December. We simply had to help contribute and started by making a donation of R50,000 to the #ImStaying community initiative. At PEP, we felt that it was also our duty to encourage the ongoing support of this generous idea by making the process much easier. As a result, the Lay-by Buddy initiative was borne”

“ We are incredibly excited to be partnering with PEP on this amazing initiative and look forward to growing and encouraging more of this corporate behaviour as we make our way out of the situation we are in as a country and as a people. If ever there was a time to unite our efforts and work together, that time is now.” Jarette Petzer, Founder of #ImStaying.

Paying off someone else’s lay-by is now much easier! Simply request a Lay-by Buddy voucher at any PEP store or select the Lay-By Buddy option on their website Choose an amount you are willing to pay (starting from R10) and PEP will do the rest by allocating that amount as a credit to a random lay-by customer. 

PEP, which has recently reopened their stores towards the end of April 2020, has kick-started the new Lay-by Buddy initiative with R1-million. A randomly selected group of  PEP’s customers will be delighted in discovering that their lay-bys have been paid off partially or in full.   

“A huge percentage of the current lay-bys at Pep are for winter wear, baby and children’s clothing. These are absolutely essential items for families,” adds van der Merwe, “and we want to make sure that the loss of income during the Covid-19 crisis doesn’t mean that children especially, have to suffer from the cold this winter.” 

To learn more about the PEP Lay-by Buddy initiative and how you can get involved, enquire at one of the 2,350 PEP stores across Africa, visit, or follow PEP on and

Let’s do good together by paying towards someone’s lay-by today!

Become a Lay-By Buddy today and help a South African family to save for things like school uniforms, winter jackets or baby clothes.

You can help pay off any amount towards a PEP Lay-by and make a difference to a PEP family today. With the lowest prices, a little can do a lot of good at PEP.

Let’s do good together. #PEPcares

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