The daughter of long-standing family friends, Ray Jacobs, has made it through Covid. Ray is 54 years old and in very good health. Here is the story of her journey, which, as you will see, is not quite over yet.

“On the 11th of May, when I arrived at work, I heard that one of my colleagues had been forced to leave to go and have THE test. I was sneezing at this time, but tried to convince everyone that it was normal for this time of year. That it was just sinusitis. On the 12th, my boss told me to stay home. I went to my doctor who prescribed antibiotics and other pills for sinusitis. He booked me off until the Monday. Thereafter I decided to go and have the test, as everyone was paranoid about Covid-19. I felt that, with my negative result, I could quieten them once and for all.

“I am so sorry to inform you that you have tested positive for COVID-19.”

“On the morning of the 14th, I felt GREAT. I got dressed, went to play with my dogs on the lawn for about 20 minutes, and I suddenly felt exhausted. Climbing onto the couch, I covered myself with a blankie, and slept from 09h20 until 15h45 when Pieter, my partner, arrived home. When I looked at him, his exact words were, “Something is wrong, your eyes don’t look good.” About 3 hours later I received a phone call from the laboratory. “Is that Ms Ray Jacobs? I am so sorry to inform you that you have tested positive for COVID-19.”


“Immediately I informed my mom, sister, work, and our Covid-19 dept, besides Pieter and Ryan, my son, who were at home with me. I had been taking 2000mg of Vitamin C or Immune boosters daily since March, and my mom suggested Vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium in addition to this. Adding to this I started drinking a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice per day.

 “He (Pieter) and Ryan were absolute saints.”

“Pieter grabbed some pillows and immediately started sleeping in the family room. He and Ryan were absolute saints. From bringing me bananas when I wanted to eat nothing, bringing the orange juice, energade and water throughout the day…every day. Pieter cooked most of the meals, serving me breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, sometimes watching me eat. The pills were brought to me with my Vitamin C effervescent every morning and evening. Pieter would wait until I swallowed them all. (I am not particularly fond of pills). At night, he would come and close my curtains, switch on my bedside lights, and say goodnight.

I am a workaholic, but for 2 weeks, I couldn’t even sign onto my laptop. 

“My beloved mom and my sister called me every morning and evening. I had hundreds of messages daily. When I could talk, I would answer other calls as well. I scarcely had energy to reach for water on my bedside table. Sometimes no energy to answer my cell… (You should know that I am addicted to my cellphone). There were two 90-year-old aunties praying for me, along with loads of friends. I am a workaholic, but for 2 weeks, I couldn’t even sign onto my laptop. 

“For days, Pieter and Ryan would check on me to see whether I was still breathing. I had difficulty breathing, chest was sooo sore, I couldn’t walk from my bed to my bathroom (about 4 metres) without being short of breath. My entire body was aching. I felt as if a bus had driven over me. And the headaches…WOW…the worst I have ever experienced. This lasted for 5 days. I also lost my sense of taste and smell. For the first week I couldn’t sleep, I was too scared for fear that I might not awake. On various occasions, I spoke to my Dad (who passed 11 years ago) and told him that I would love to see him again, but that now was not the time. Even though Pieter and Ryan were in the house with me, they couldn’t come close, no hugs, and no kisses. Thankfully, they had tested NEGATIVE a few days after I had my test.

I thought of how fortunate I was in this very unfortunate situation – and I realised how blessed I was.

“I have 3 German Shepherds who spent some of their time with me sprawled over my bed (and their single bed at the bottom of our bed) … They kept me sane. Even the jumps onto me, the licks and cuddles – they do not practise social distancing and clearly don’t believe it or care for it. I cannot imagine what my time in quarantine would have been without them. Quite frankly, I cannot imagine my life without my fur babies – END OF STORY!

“While I was lying there, I would think of other people who had this dreaded virus … those who didn’t have the space to self isolate …. those who didn’t have the beautiful garden … those who didn’t have a devoted Pieter or Ryan, and family and friends who checked up on them every day … those who didn’t have the money to buy all the vitamins, juice, vegetables and fruit … those who didn’t have 3 beautiful German Shepherds to keep them company. I thought of how fortunate I was in this very unfortunate situation – and I realised how blessed I was. 

“There were many emotional moments, and when I cried, I was alone … Pieter couldn’t hug me or hold me, as I was too scared that he would get this dreaded virus. I became saddened when my mom would sound sad and I would hear her getting teary. One day she called and told me that a daughter of a friend of hers had died of the same virus, and she sounded so sad. Her words to me were always, “Please keep warm, take your medication, and just rest.”

I tell you, I was willing to try anything

“A friend of mine from Madagascar, now living in New Zealand told me about an essential oil called RAVINTSARA. I tell you, I was willing to try anything. A health shop in the northern suburbs of Cape Town supplied me with some. I rubbed it on my chest, inhaled it (couldn’t smell the potent product), but I must admit, it helped with my breathing. Heyyyyyy, no cases in Madagascar, and they were swearing that this plant was the reason for it…so I tried it too. I am still using this, as well as taking all my vitamins.

They also admitted that only the good die young, so I was good for another 50 years.

“My friends Robyn and Sima often called me on video call – with them looking like Ms World contestants, and me looking as if I was dying … We had several ‘snot-en-trane’ moments. Robyn didn’t particularly want to travel halfway around the world for a funeral. And both of them threatened to kill me if I died. Not only that … They also admitted that only the good die young, so I was good for another 50 years.

“So, after almost one-and-a-half weeks, the coughing starts … Another shock … I phoned the doctor who prescribed antibiotics and Pieter collected them. Six tablets over 3 days, and cough was gone. I don’t care what was in those tablets, but it sorted the cough!

“On the 1st June, I went for another test … NOW… they take the long, VERY LONG, earbud, and they push it up your nose … I believe that this nurse tried to rearrange my brain cells … And I didn’t have this test once, but twice … I DESERVE A GOLD MEDAL. After waiting 3 days I then called the laboratory myself … NEGATIVE never sounded so good. I was happiest to tell my mom and my sister (of course, besides my support team at home). 

TAKE IT EASY is definitely the instruction to follow!!

“I thought that once I had tested negative, I was all done with Covid. Eager to go back to work, I started the day after testing negative. I was totally out of breath after walking up stairs. I found that unnerving and called a nurse cousin to check what was happening. She informed me that complete recovery took quite a while. So needless to say … TAKE IT EASY is definitely the instruction to follow!!

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