Submitted by: Blessing Dlamini

My son’s name is Khwezi, and he is named for the Morning Star.  He is my first-born and differently-abled. I love him for who he is.  I know God has huge plans for him, and #ImStaying.

This father’s words, ”I’m Staying,” have a very deep meaning in this story because he is a dependable, reliable, and wonderful father and citizen of South Africa, despite anything that life puts in his way.

When Blessing married his beautiful wife Nompumelelo in 2016 they soon found that she was expecting a baby.  Blessing took her to see a gynaecologist/obstetrician as he wanted the very best treatment for her and the baby.

I know God has huge plans for him

They both took everything seriously and obeyed the doctor’s orders religiously, always getting positive feedback from the doctor.  Blessing often accompanied his wife to hear of the baby’s progress and after the scans they were assured that all was well.

In the second trimester they learnt with joy that they were to have a son. 

On 22nd October 2017 Nompumelelo went in to hospital to give birth.  All seemed well but at the last minute the doctors performed a C-section as the baby was stuck in the birth canal.

On 24th October at 16.43 the baby was born and the parents were shocked to find that their son was physically disabled.  He had been born with no arms and there was no femur in his right leg.

They struggled to understand why there had been no warning of this, but the doctors were unable to give them an answer.  To make matters worse, the baby had a tiny hole in his heart and had to be kept in ICU for a while.

They named their first son after the Morning Star, Khwezi

The parents were devastated at first, but once they had their son home, they decided they would do their very best to give him a good life.

They named their first son after the Morning Star, Khwezi, and this little bundle of mischief turned out to be a delightful child.  He has a sunny character and is always ready to be friendly and enjoy company. He seemed at first to be unaware of his disadvantages and managed to get around and play with things, always smiling and chuckling.

They have recently taken Khwezi to an orthopaedic specialist who said the little boy was still too young for a special shoe.  The doctor also told them he could not perform an operation as Khwezi does not have a hip bone which would make it difficult for him to walk properly. 

The Dlaminis, who have since had another child, know that Khwezi will need all the courage and good cheer that he has to overcome his difficulties later on.  They are determined to get the very best treatment for him, and with all the strides that are being made in orthopaedic medicine, it is hoped that they will be pointed in the right direction.

In the meantime Blessing and Nompumelelo continue to be strengthened by their faith and are trying to find a suitable school for Khwezi in Durban.

#ImStaying is proud to be associated with such loving and committed parents as these.

Compiled and edited by: Patricia Becker Stapleton

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