#ImStaying urges all South Africans to reach out to their fellow countrymen, particularly now when needs are so dire.  There are a multitude of community initiatives that have been born out of the COVID-19 chaos.  #FreeBread is one such initiative.  Please get involved however you can.

We are halfway through the 21-day lockdown.  It is becoming difficult to make ends meet, especially for those in townships who earn a living through recycling.  Even with most families, money to buy basic low-order goods such as bread has been used up. It is in trying times like these that communities should look out for each other and become as family. Going out to buy bread one morning, Ramatsomane Tlhophane was down in the mouth about the thought that some of his community members could not afford bread, and that was when the idea of the #freebread campaign was conceived, in the early morning of 5 April. Born and bred in Sharpeville, Gauteng, Ramatsomane said he was aware of the impacts the lockdown has had on his township and on community members.

Before midday, many more had donated bread and more stomachs were fed.

It began with a crate placed in a corner, with just a few loaves in it.  Before midday, many more had donated bread and more stomachs were fed.  The #freebread campaign has since spread within the township, with local bakeries donating and offering discounts.                    

             Lebohang Motseki                               Nandy Edwana                                   Kele Pelle

Not only did the good deed circulate within Ramatsomane’s township, it’s strong message was heard and duplicated as far as Soweto by Lebohang Motseki, Nandy Edwana, and Kele Pelle. These three ladies linked arms with one another and through their efforts the #freebread campaign is set to  expand within their township.

There is no such thing as too little help

Ramatsomane’s wish is to see the #freebread campaign operating even after lockdown, and in all communities of South Africa, if not Africa. There is no such thing as too little help, and the #freebread campaign is a proof of that.  All those who have participated in this heart warming initiative are pleading with other communities to also begin a #freebread campaign and help those in need. The campaign is a clear example that communities can work together to eliminate hunger and join hands in resolving community matters.  With teaspoon digging, every helping hand counts.

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” A Chinese Proverb


Compiled and Written By:  Mbekezeli Setsura

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