Submitted by: Josh Ruben (video),  Maggie Wolfe Miller (copy)

It’s a painful story, yet one reflective of the strength of this man.  A story which challenges each of us in our own humanity. A story of overcoming, of endurance, of rising from tragedy.  Few of us can imagine the horror of being a child soldier.    Of witnessing the brutal slaughter of our family.  Witnessing the utter contempt for human life.  Of being utterly alone in a sea of fleeing refugees.  And then forced to serve those who were the cause of this tragedy.  

Too young to carry a gun, yet old enough to carry supplies.  Too young to survive alone. Yet survive he did.  He may not know how old he is, but Mdalaga knows he has a clear calling on his life.  He knows first-hand the terror, the degradation, the unimaginable. Overcoming vast gaps in his schooling and a persistent lack of financing, Mdalaga has persevered and is hoping to further his education. A modern-day phoenix rising from the ashes, Mdalaga has emerged from a catastrophe stronger, smarter, and determined to bring good from this tragedy.

His story inspires, provokes, and prompts us to re-examine our own lives, motivating us to share our own stories for the greater good of those around us.