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In 2017, at 25 years old, Daniel Ullrich-Koetter-Knight-Schilling died a hero protecting two women from being mugged in Kloof Street, Cape Town. To honour him, the DUKKS Foundation was born – promoting civil courage and the coming together of communities.

It delivers support, advice, guidance, and counselling to various charities that safeguard at-risk youths. This is a remarkable approach, with which the Foundation strives to prevent disadvantaged youngsters from becoming like those who ended Daniel’s precious life before his time. 

The Happy Feet Youth Project

One of the charities the DUKKS Foundation supports is the Happy Feet Youth Project, established by Siviwe Mbinda in 2007. Largely funded by Siviwe’s tourism business, the Youth Project intervenes at critical stages in the young people of Langa, Cape Town’s lives to prevent crime, teen pregnancies, and gangsterism. It provides a safe after-school environment for children who would otherwise become lost, forgotten, and hopeless. 

The Township Driving Academy

The Happy Feet Project recently launched the Township Driving Academy to empower youth between the ages of 18 and 22 with driver’s licences – giving them a sense of achievement and unlocking immense employment opportunities. Although The Happy Feet Project was previously funding this initiative, the lockdown has made this increasingly difficult.

The Power of Community

Recognising the importance of this campaign and the difference it can make in the lives of Langa’s youth, the DUKKS Foundation has partnered with the Happy Feet Youth Project and Backabuddy to help raise the R51 480 needed to grant 12 youths with the chance to get their driver’s licences.

It is in times of crisis that we truly recognise the power of community. 

To give a South African youth the chance to not only survive, but succeed, find out more and donate to the Township Driving Academy Backabuddy Campaign HERE.