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Child abuse and neglect are rife in South Africa. The Optimus National Prevalence Study estimates that 42% of South African children have already experienced some form of abuse, while 82% have either experienced or witnessed some form of victimization.

Child Welfare South Africa Roodepoort is an exceptional Child Protection Organization that has been in operation since 1930.   In addition, they are a non-profit organization (002-081NPO) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO930036984) that focuses on providing safety to abused and severely neglected children within disadvantaged communities.  

The organization with children who are all severely abused; either sexually, emotionally,  physically, or a combination of any of these.   These vulnerable children are removed from the location where the abuse or neglect occurred and are then placed in foster care.  All foster parents receive a monthly grant of R1000 from the government to make ends meet.  This amount equates to USD $64.94 which is not nearly enough to sufficiently provide for the children. 

Child Welfare South Africa Roodepoort does not receive any funding to cover their project costs or to meet the special needs of foster children.  Needs include (but are not limited to):  special dietary requirements of children infected with HIV/AIDS, transport expenses to reach the children that are reported to our office and who require immediate attention and removal.  Lack of proper transport or the lack of enough funds to cover the fuel cost may result in the inability to save the life of an innocent child.  

Their social workers run regular life skill groups and present income-generating projects to the youth.  They are currently running a candle-making project that came to a standstill due to lack of funding.  The aim of this project is to enable the youth to learn new skills that can assist them to earn an income later in life.



The Child Welfare South Africa Roodepoort currently serves the following areas:

*Allensnek  * Braamfischer *Discovery  *Dobsonville  *Doornkop *Durban Deep  *Ebumnandini  *Florida  *Georginia  *Green village  *Hamburg  *Honeydew  *Little Falls  *Lufereng *Maraisburg *Matholesville  *Roodepoort *Ruimsig *Slovoville *Solplaatjies *Strubensvalley *Thubelisha *Tshepisong *Unified *Weltevredenpark *Wilropark


Child Welfare South Africa Roodepoortprovides the following services, in line with the provisions set forth in Section 28 of the South African Constitution:  

– Children’s court inquiries  

– Counseling to caregivers and children  

– Placing children in places of safety and monitoring them.  Placing children in foster care and monitoring them. 

– Providing various skills development programs such as: 

  • Basic reading and writing skills workshops for children 
  • Establishing and maintaining food gardens for foster parents 
  • Community development programs such as the candle-making project 

– Supplying food parcels to the needy  

– Supplying clothing and furniture to the needy  

– Supplying children with Back-to-School packs  

– Engaging in various fundraising activities and community awareness projects such as Child Protection Week, Youth Day Programmes, Anti-Rape, and Anti-Drug Campaigns

The Child Welfare South Africa Roodepoort is desperately appealing to the South African business sector and the general public to aid them in achieving their vision of actively protecting and promoting the well-being and rights of our children.